The Online Workshop

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The Online Workshop

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Conversation is not always simple or easy. Good conversation can enrich our lives by allowing us to connect with others, cultivate compassion, and enrich our relationships.

This online retreat offers over 10 hours of original content to helps us to unpack the concepts and exercises presented in the Sakyong's new book. The Sakyong and featured teachers guide us to create new patterns using basic principles of the Shambhala tradition—meditation and a sincere belief in the inherent wisdom, compassion, and courage of all beings.


The retreat includes: 

  • Three (3) talks by the Sakyong

  • Three (3) panel discussions with the Sakyong and guests

  • Eight (8) Exclusive study modules with guest teachers

  • Behind-the-scenes footage of the Sakyong on tour


Featuring special guests:

  • Lodro Rinzler, host

  • Susan Piver
  • Ethan Nichtern
  • Fleet Maull
  • Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler
  • U.S. Rep. Jared Polis
  • Dan Harris
  • Seth Godin
  • Dr. Shanté Paradigm Smalls
  • Tara Slone
  • Michelle Latimer


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