Erica Ford

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Erica Ford is one of the leading Gun Violence activists in nation, she played a leading role in the creation of New York City Crisis Management/ Mayors office to Prevent Gun Violence. A citywide collaboration of violence intervention & prevention program 18 sites over 52 organizations & 10 city agencies working together that is responsible for the 10% violence reduction in New York City! 

Organizing meditation & Intervention by credible messengers in our target area led to over 3 years no one killed and up to 569 days absolutely no shootings in our target area. 

Ford has been on the police commissioner's advisory committee on police community relations and has sat on the Obama's committee to improve police & community with our former police commissioner and several other police chiefs and commissioners around the nation. 

Ford has spoken from White House to Harvard University to the Hot Spot on the Back Block Transforming lives & Helping People Heal